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My explanation of the Trinity

Here is how I like to think of the Trinity. This is only partly thought out so there might be a gotcha in my logic. With that warning, here it is.

Think of Jesus as God in this dimension. I use the word dimension not as an expert in string theory but because it’s familiar. You see, we have these 4 dimensions (the fourth being time,) that we live in, with the possibility of more. The other dimensions are where things live that we can’t see, like demons and God.

God lives in another dimension which is Heaven. Jesus the Son is God in this dimension, God the Father is in another dimension, and the Holy Spirit is what bridges communication between the different dimensions.

This is how we can explain how God has always existed. Everything must have a beginning and an end in the dimension we live. When you live outside of this dimension then you are not bound to a beginning and an end because time is a rule of the fourth dimension. If you live outside of time then you have possibly existed forever. I understand this explanation of origin better than the big bang theory where a rock has existed forever (which breaks the laws of our 4 dimensions) or something (the rock) was created out of nothing.

How do you explain the trinity?
How does one explain the trinity?
Trinity explained.
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  1. George Richter
    November 11th, 2011 at 20:41 | #1

    You are on the right track. It was ‘Flatland’, written by Edwin Abbott(and available on the WWWeb), that first explained how higher dimensional worlds are totally in contact with lesser worlds, and the inhabitants of the lesser world can’t even imagine the higher world exists. When I wrote ‘Techie Worlds’ it is based on the idea that Jesus, who lived in our world, was lesser dimensionally than His Father, which of course puts His Father into a world dimensionally superior to ours. Father and Son, totally immersed in goodness, immediately loved each other, and that love became the third peron of God: the Holy Spirit. Of course each of Them is very intelligent andwith great love considers the ideas of the other two, so they act in agreement! Aha! One God!
    ‘Techie Worlds’ available at Amazon, shows how mechanistic and easy it is for God to ressurect our bodies, how fair he is in judgement, and supports traditional Christian teaching. It is written for engineers and mechanically oriented people and also shows how modern particle physics recognizes spaces for the Trinity.

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