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(Almost) Everyone is religious and worships a god.

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The more I think about it, the more I came to understand everyone is religious and worships a God.

First let me define religion. I define it as organized actions you take to please your god. Some may define it as a belief in supernatural powers or an organized approach to human spirituality, though I disagree as you can have an Earth religion where you worship naturalistic things or be in a religion that isn’t spiritual. The Jews and Muslims make animal sacrifices and God is pleased. Buddhists believe that Karma comes around controlled by the universe. You do good and the universe is happy and you’re rewarded, at least that’s my understanding.

Now to the point of my title, everyone is religious and worships a God. To prove my point lets go straight to the Atheists. How can Atheists please something they don’t think exists? The god they worship is themselves while constantly trying to please that god! When asked, every Atheists I talked to will say the point of life is being happy. They do whatever it takes to make themselves happy. They constantly take steps and self indulge to achieve self approval.

So why did I put the word “Almost” in the title? All the points I made above is why Christianity IS NOT a religion. We are already accepted by God through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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