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Scientists create miniature machine parts from DNA

September 1st, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s interesting that Scientists create miniature machine parts from DNA.

From the article

In the latest phase of the nanotechnology revolution, scientists have built a collection of minuscule objects from DNA, including toothed gears, curved tubes, and a wireframe beach ball five millionths of a centimetre in diameter.

The building blocks of DNA can be made to assemble themselves, piece by piece, into a structure designed by the researcher.

That’s weird, you can create toothed gears from DNA? This makes DNA sound like a programming language and gears sound like an efficient design pattern. I’m surprised we don’t have these types of gear like thingies in our bodies.

Oh wait, DNA is a language and we do have things in our body (like the Bacterial Flagellum) that  have a rotary engine, clutch, and gears.

This sounds a lot like the human body and DNA were designed. When we see something with gears created by a programming language how can we not think life was intelligently designed? I would expect that if life was designed by an intelligent being he would use some sophisticated programming language to create it in. All the researchers are doing is trying to learn the language to build their own creations. Let’s see if they are smart enough to figure out how to make life from dirt.

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