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Has religion been detrimental to the advancement of science?

I disagree and propose the exact opposite — religion has had a profound positive impact on science both indirectly and directly. If you look through time I’m sure you’ll see an important role religion has played with the advancement of science.

First you have the Scottish Enlightenment period which changed the word. The cause? Local churches started schools (Education Act 1633.)

Then you have to account for any huge scientific advancements that were motivated from a design/creation aspect. For example Georges Lemaitre, a Catholic Priest who first proposed the big bang theory. He said that an “initial creation-like event must have occurred.”

Sure, religion gave science a few black eyes. However, so has the materialistic/secular view of the world. I’ll say not only has this view slowed the progression of science (things like junk DNA) but has been downright harmful (doctors removing vestigial organs because they are useless artifacts of evolution.)

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